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The greatest challenge individuals face after moving into a permanent home is maintaining it. We help each participant reintegrate into the community with services such as money management programs and life skills training. As of 2019, 98% of our stabilization clients were still in housing one year later.

The Services

HomeStart case managers works to ensure that clients have the best chance at maintaining their housing after placement by providing essential support services. 

Stabilization case managers act as liaisons for their clients to understand, apply for, and obtain available resources

HomeStart’s Leasing manager oversees a team of Leasing Coordinators and an In-house Inspector,

who together manage the complex logistics behind clients' affordable housing subsidies

Representative Payees manage client's income, assist with processing bills for payment, and establishing budgets for housing success

Housing Stabilization Teams


HomeStart advocates support participants in understanding their lease, act as liaison with landlord, identify and apply for eligible resources, and help participants access needed medical, mental health, and substance abuse services. 


The Leasing team manages logistics for clients who have certain affordable housing subsidies accompanied by supportive services. They work with clients to coordinate rental payments, apartment inspections, rent recertifications, and more.


Representative Payees serve as money management specialists to provide financial acumen to clients, by assisting with paying bills and establishing budgets. 


of every dollar received goes directly to client services

over 350

clients served every year


of Housing Stabilization clients remain housed year after year

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