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Gifts by Will or Trust - Bequest

A simple, revocable gift that meets your needs and serves to help secure the future

of HomeStart.

A gift by will or trust – often referred to as a bequest – is a charitable gift from your estate that enables you to achieve your financial goals and benefit HomeStart. No other planned gift is as simple to make or as easy to change, should you ever need the assets during your lifetime.

A bequest may be right for you if:

  • You want to make a gift to HomeStart.

  • You want the flexibility to change your mind.

  • You want to retain control and have continued access to your wealth, should you need it.

  • You are concerned about outliving your resources.

Ways to Include HomeStart

There are several ways that you can define the amount of your planned estate gift to HomeStart. They are:

  • A gift of a particular amount of money. For example, you bequeath $25,000.

  • A gift of a specific item or items. For example, you bequeath 1,000 shares of ABC Corporation.

  • A gift that will be made only if one or more conditions are met. For example, you bequeath $25,000 provided we still offer a particular program or service and your spouse does not survive you.

  • A gift that will be made from the remainder of your estate once all other bequests, debts, and taxes have been paid. For example, you bequeath 25% of the remainder of your estate. Often called a "residuary bequest," this approach assures that your family will be taken care of before your estate makes a bequest to us.

HomeStart’s Legal Name: HomeStart, Inc.


HomeStart’s Tax ID: 04-3311270


General or Specific Bequest Language: 


“I give to The President and Trustees of HomeStart, Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts, 105 Chauncy Street, Boston, MA 02111, a Massachusetts nonprofit corporation, or its successor, Federal Tax Identification Number: 04-3311270 [insert here the exact amount, percentage or property description].”

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