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Support Team HomeStart as they make strides to end and prevent homelessness!

Trevor Layden

Hi! I need your help. If you can, please donate to my fundraising project on GivenGain! I am excited to be running my first marathon in support of an incredible non-profit, HomeStart. Over the last 25 years, HomeStart has helped over 14,000 individuals experiencing homelessness to find and move into a place of their own.


They don't stop at helping someone to get into an apartment, either. Recognizing that we all need a support network to thrive, they also provide ongoing wrap-around supportive services for clients who've experienced chronic homelessness, to help them remain stably in their homes. They also work to prevent people from ever experiencing homelessness through their eviction prevention program, which has helped nearly 4,000 families in the Greater Boston area!


Jack Mahoney

As someone who has always had a passion for the cause of ending homelessness, I've admired HomeStart's work to prevent homelessness for many years now. Now, I'm running the Boston Marathon® to raise money for it! I could not be more thrilled to challenge myself while raising money for an amazing cause that is near and dear to my heart.


HomeStart is a fantastic organization that my family has worked very closely with for years now. I strongly believe in their mission to not only help community members experiencing homelessness obtain and maintain housing, but to also help families avoid eviction in the first place. HomeStart’s focus on preventing families and individuals from experiencing the destabilizing trauma of eviction through advocacy, financial assistance, and ongoing supportive services is stabilizing communities and truly changing lives. It is amazing to see how many lives HomeStart has changed for the better, and hopefully with your help, we can continue that herculean effort.  


This work could not be more important. If you can, please donate to my fundraising project and support HomeStart!

HomeStart is proud to be an official Partner of John Hancock in the Marathon Non-Profit Program. Through this program, John Hancock helps foster healthier, more equitable communities by annually donating 1,000 Boston Marathon® entries to select non-profit organizations who use them for fundraising. Last year, John Hancock Non-Profit Runners raised $11.7M for their causes.

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